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The Days of Costly Roaming Charges are Gone

Digi Global – a Superior Alternative for as Low as $9.95 a Month

Dedicated local Numbers Available Worldwide – where all your landline, mobile & office numbers could be forwarded and calls can be received from anywhere in the world on our free mobile app .
Make and Receive Calls from Home & Abroad
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Are you an entrepreneur with a big dream? Then don’t project yourself to be tiny in the eyes of prospects by relying solely on your home or mobile phone to run your business.

Instead, have a dedicated business number, with a 24/7 digital receptionist to handle all your calls professionally while you’re on the move.

We give you the freedom of mobility without losing control of your incoming/outgoing calls and messages.

Stop only dreaming and start acting and sounding big on a shoe string budget

Are you a business person who’s frequently travelling around the world, or needs an office presence on the other side of the globe? We have the solution, sign up today.

Getting started is a simple 3 step process

Pick your number

Sign up .

Record your IVR for your Digital Receptionist

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